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Sandton is located just north of Johannesburg within easy driving distance of O.R.Tambo International Airport (ORTIA), the Johannesburg CBD and the City of Tshwane.

Travelling to Sandton is even quicker using the Gautrain, Gauteng's rapid rail system.  Gautrain's train, bus and parking services are all fully integrated and may be used separately or jointly by transferring from one to another.


Aside from shopping there is much to do within easy reach of Sandton, if not in Sandton itself.

A diverse range of day trips depart from Sandton including trips to Alexandra Township, Cullinan Diamond Mine, Cradle of Humankind, Gold Reef City, Lesedi Cultural Village, Pilanesberg and Sun City.


Sandton is a shopper's paradise, where you can buy anything from jewellery to clothing to electronics.  You will be spoilt for choice with several shopping centres in close proximity to one another.

With close to 300 leading local and international retailers, Sandton City is a one-of-a-kind premier fashion and leisure destination.  It’s an energetic hub of Afro-cosmopolitan glamour - international shopping with South African flair.  A skywalk connects Sandton City to Sandton Convention Centre, giving business travellers the option to shop without needing transport to another destination. 

Adjoining Sandton City is Nelson Mandela Square.  This European styled piazza celebrates international style with the warmth of African hospitality.  It draws a cosmopolitan crowd to its sidewalk cafes, some of the finest restaurants in South Africa and over 88 exclusive stores.  The 1,000sqm Square serves as a stage for a host of local and international prestigious events. 

1.TRANSPORT endorses Jamex Transport Services as our official transportation company.  They are very reliable and affordable. 

Reservations:    +27 83 230 8347 or +72 095 1075 or email

Please see TRANSPORTATION page for more information.


The Gautrain is a rapid rail system which is fully integrated with bus and parking services.  Buses currently provide connectivity to suburbs at Sandton, Rosebank, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Hatfield & Rhodesfield Stations as well as car rental facilities at Sandton.  Travel from Sandton to O.R. Tambo International Airport in only 12 minutes.  Travel from Sandton to Midrand takes only

Airport Services

Travelling to and from O.R. Tambo International Airport with the option of making use of Gautrain Car Parks.

Pay for these services from the pay-as-you-go section of your Gautrain Gold Card. The correct fares and applicable discounts are deducted and credited automatically when you tag in or out of the system. As long as you've registered your card with us, any unused value in the pay-as-you-go section can be refunded or transferred to a new card.

The single-trip airport fare will be levied automatically if your train journey starts or ends at O.R. Tambo International Airport.


To/From                              OR Tambo

Sandton                               R142

Midrand                               R153

Sandton to Midrand             R32

Midrand to Sandton             R32


Rail User Single Fare: R7

(If you use a bus and a train within one hour of one another)

Non-Rail User Single Fare: R20

(If you use a bus and don’t also use a train within one hour)

PS:  Please note that the bus services are not operation over weekends.  You can however make use of the taxi services located at all Gautrain Stations.  I can recommend Orange Cabs (0861 700 222) or UBER (see Transportation page) when in Gauteng.


* Gold card cost R14

This is a once off payment that is the non-refundable cost of the card. Your Gautrain Gold card is valid for 5 years and you are able to reload value over and over again.

* Handling fee R40

Should you enquire about a refund, there is a R40 handling fee. If it is found that there was an error made on behalf of the Gautrain, the handling fee will be waivered.

* Boarding fare (Trains) R20

This is the minimum amount of value required on your Gautrain Gold card in order to board a train.

* Boarding fare (buses) R20

This is the minimum amount of value on your Gautrain Gold card in order to board a bus.

For more information visit the Gautrain website.


Johannesburg and Midrand averages

Winters fall between June and August, and this is the driest time of year. Daytime average temperatures range between 16 and 19°C but nights are chilly at only 4 or 5°C. Cold fronts bring strong winds at times, but the skies are usually clear and sunny. Rainfall is very infrequent during the winter months, although you may catch a shower or two.

If you're visiting Johannesburg or Midrand in the winter, you'll need to bring a variety of clothing - something lightweight for the warmer days, but something heavier for the colder nights. Temperatures can dip below freezing overnight, so you should be prepared for this.

Spring can be a delightful time to visit Johannesburg or Midrand, as the countryside comes to life. Average daily highs of 22°C in September rise to 24°C in November, but overnight temperatures are still quite low at around 10 or 11 Celsius. Rainfall will start to increase as the spring progresses, so by November you will be seeing rain on nearly half of the days in the month.

If you're visiting Johannesburg or Midrand in the spring, take an umbrella, and lightweight summer clothing, but don't forget a light jacket or something with long sleeves for the cooler nights.

Summers are warm and wet. Rainfall is at its peak in December and January, although it starts to ease off in February. In the middle of summer, you can expect it to rain on more days than it doesn't rain, but the rain comes in late afternoon showers and torrential, dramatic thunderstorms - it's not rainy all day every day, and the rain is interspersed with sunshine.

Expect warm temperatures of around 25-26°C although occasional heatwaves will push this figure higher. Nights are comfortably warm at around 16°C.

If you're visiting Johannesburg or Midrand in the summer, bring an umbrella and waterproof shoes, but don't bother with waterproof clothing as you'll find conditions too muggy and warm for that.

Autumn is one of the most popular times to visit Johannesburg or Midrand as there are fewer crowds and less rain, but the mild temperatures persist. Average daily highs in March are around 23°C, falling to 18°C in May, but nights will begin to get chilly as autumn persists and by May overnight lows of 7°C will fee shivery.

You will still see some rain in March and April, but by May the rain has all but disappeared. If you're visiting Johannesburg or Midrand in early spring, take an umbrella - in late spring, you probably won't need to bother.

Annual  precipitation: 713mm (28in)

Most of the province’s rainfall is recorded in the summer months, from October to March, which see temperatures in the high 20s. The ultraviolet radiation (UVB) sunburn index can be very high and it is advisable to apply sunscreen regularly.


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